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#21 โดย: Fahad Al G. [IP:]
เมื่อ: 2018-08-20 10:46:29
I am from Dubai and my friend has recommended me to go at Acellence Clinic. After the treatement, I loved the Fraxel laser treatment at Acellence Clinic ! my skin is clear and healthy and my hyperpigmentation scars disappeared! truly one of the best treatments for removing acne scars and unwanted dark spots.
#22 โดย: Portman, UAE [IP:]
เมื่อ: 2018-08-28 01:24:17
Got my first Botox treatment by Dr.Apatorn in May 2018 and the results are still wonderful! I was blessed with hooded/droopy eyelids with tons of wrinkles by my mid 30s and I was hesitant to do something about it for a long time. Dr.Apatorn and all the girls at Acellence clinic made the whole process seamless. I was literally in and out within 30 minutes max. Dr.Apatorn was on time and answered all my concerns prior to marking me up. He targeted my deep frown lines in my upper forehead, my crows feet (that literally almost touched my outer brows), and he also did a slight brow lift to help with the hooded upper lids. Dr.Apatorn at Acellence Clinic is great :)
#23 โดย: Taya, UK [IP:]
เมื่อ: 2018-09-18 03:04:02
“The level of care and attention I received at Acellence clinic was fantastic and
Dr.Apatorn is a wonderful dermatologist in Bangkok, Thailand , in 2 visits he has transformed my skin and my life."
#24 โดย: Belly Ballot, Manama [IP:]
เมื่อ: 2018-09-23 12:53:06
I did Hair Removal Treatment with Gentle Yag Laser at Acellence Clinic i think i got an excellent service as always. Last appointment was with Dr.Apatorn and I was treated as a valued customer. I can already see brilliant results after just 3 treatments. Thanks again!
#25 โดย: Rita K, Dubai [IP:]
เมื่อ: 2018-09-24 16:59:41
I wanted Botox to stop lines forming in the future. Dr.Apatorn was lovely. He explained what he was doing and we agreed together what I wanted to achieve. I wanted a very subtle effect and that is exactly what I got. The lines don’t form but I still have full movement of my eyebrows and forehead. It's perfect. Thank you!
#26 โดย: Ahlam Ali,Dubai [IP:]
เมื่อ: 2018-09-30 18:11:58
Wow this is definitely the place to go to in Bangkok, Thailand !!! Fraxel Laser and Botox treatment are both incredible. I recommend seeing Dr.Apatorn for your consultation! The Dermatologist was very knowledgeable and friendly. He make you feel very comfortable and I would highly recommend this place to anyone looking for Fraxel Laser and Botox.
#27 โดย: พรเพ็ญ [IP:]
เมื่อ: 2018-10-01 14:09:40
หลังทำ Fraxel ผิวดูดีขึ้นกว่าเดิมเยอะมาก ๆ ผิวดูแข็งแรงขึ้น รูขุมขนตื้นๆ เล็กๆ หายไปเลย ผิวดูเเต็มขึ้น แต่งหน้าได้ติดทนขึ้น ผิวดีกว่าเดิมแบบ สัมผัสได้เลย ขอบคุณ Acellence Clinic ค่ะ
#28 โดย: Mozhdah, USA [IP:]
เมื่อ: 2018-10-09 01:38:19
My first experience at Acellence clinic was great and I can't wait to go back! First off the front desk staff is so friendly and very accommodating! I was referred to Dr. Apatorn for my first time using Botox and he was great! He answered any questions I had and gave me all the options but never pressured me to break my budget. I got a great education on a lot of the services but never pressured on an up-sell. They have a lifelong patient here & I have already been referring friends left & right! Thanks
#29 โดย: Judy, Singapore [IP:]
เมื่อ: 2018-10-20 12:17:21
It was like staying at a Hotel with nurses caring for me at Acellence Clinic.Fantastic.. I was very comfortable & relaxed.I will go back again !
#30 โดย: Gina, Australia [IP:]
เมื่อ: 2018-10-20 21:16:25
I’m always greeted with a smile. A wonderful experience at Acellence Clinic with Dr.Apatorn. I am a model working TV and actress. As a mature model l am delighted with the results l get to turn the clock back. Recently l was aged at 10 years younger. I’ve added to my treatments legs arms tummy and neck. All looking younger!! Thanks a lot.
#31 โดย: Sara, USA [IP:]
เมื่อ: 2018-11-04 15:27:10
I had a course of 6 Facial Treatements, Laser skin Rejuvenation at Acellence Clinic and then some broken thread veins removed from my legs. Not only do I look like how I did in my 40’s, I feel like the ‘old’ me…or ‘young’ me I should say! .Great service, couldn’t be happier at very affordable prices.
#32 โดย: Mary, USA [IP:]
เมื่อ: 2018-12-26 22:02:10
I have been to Acellence Clinic 3 times. Everytime I notice my skin getting better. One of my friends even asked whether I started getting micro dermabrasion on my skin because she noticed the difference in my skin. Everytime I go I learn something about my skin from Dr.Apatorn- he is very knowledgeable and offers good advice on how to make my skin healthier). His workspace is very cozy and clean and chic - makes me look forward to visiting her even more!
#33 โดย: [IP:]
เมื่อ: 2019-01-08 11:43:42
Hi, I would like to make an appointment for microdermabrasion and Mesobright for January 9 or 10 if possible. What are the prices for these procedures? Thank you.
#34 โดย: Mandrid Kim [IP:]
เมื่อ: 2019-01-27 01:54:39
I’ve been a patient of Dr. Apatorn for 5 years . Wonderful bedside manner . I’m 49 and considering ultherapy for the second time with Dr. Apatorn . He has giving me the confidence I once lost . Nobody believes my age . Thank you Dr. Apatorn and Acellence Clnic staff.
#35 โดย: Susan G, Singapore [IP:]
เมื่อ: 2019-02-07 13:53:42
Hair on the skin typically irritate me so I made an appointment at Acellence Clinic to do the Hair removal on my face, legs, arms, underarms, bikini line after and 3 sessions. Oh my God i couldn't belive it. All my hair areas were gone. It's so incredible and I always love smoother skin tone without any hair and the clean skin like this. Thank you Acelelnce Clinic.
#36 โดย: Christine Noel, UK [IP:]
เมื่อ: 2019-02-26 10:00:06
I wanted to have a better skin. I went to Acellence Clinic for assistance, and advice. After consulting my skin Dr.Apatorn helped me to outline a plan to rejuvenate my skin. I signed up for 3 laser sessions and bought several skin care products. My skin has never looked better. My brown spots and spider veins have vanished. I am so delighted with the results. I am considering other procedures that will help me be the best me I can be. Thanks so much for everything!
#37 โดย: Jake, India [IP:]
เมื่อ: 2019-03-09 01:44:21
I am very happy with the friendly, professional and individualised service provided by the team at Acellence Clinic. I will definitely be back and highly recommend them to anyone searching for a fantastic Botox and Filler treatments.
#38 โดย: Janine T. [IP:]
เมื่อ: 2019-03-29 02:03:40
I have many acne scars on my face and I have tried 2 sessions of Fraxel at Acellence Clinic and after the second session, my pores look smaller so much and the improvement is very visible.
My acne scars haven't completely disappeared but they have faded, and my pores are smaller, my skin tighter/more supple, my cheek bones accentuated, my jaws look sharper.

I look much prettier not only because my skin is fresh-looking but also because the unwanted fat on my face and neck was dissolved as well. Thank you Dr.Apatorn and Acellence Clinic to transform the new me.
#39 โดย: Manila S, UAE [IP:]
เมื่อ: 2019-04-06 09:06:52
Hydro facial is the best. I really like it and I got very good services at Acellence clinic. Highly recommend.
#40 โดย: Sadine, New Zealand [IP:]
เมื่อ: 2019-04-12 21:05:45
Dr.Apatorn was super! He gave me all the information I needed to make the decision to get Ultherapy. He was very professional in the adminstration of and careful to make sure I was comfortable throughout the process. after done Ulthera, I felt a bit change of me and happy with the first results. I love Acellence Clinic and have enjoyed every procedure I have had there and will continue going there in the future!
#41 โดย: Julie S, USA. [IP:]
เมื่อ: 2019-04-15 20:06:47
Dr.Apatorn is really meticulous with the work he does. He listened really well to what I wanted done and really did a great job with the work I had done (Botox, Filler and Ulthera). He didn’t try to overdo anything to make more $ and actually told me I didn’t need some of the stuff I asked about. He’s an honest doc who does a great job and I will definitely see him again at Acellence clinic.
#43 โดย: Carrie F, England [IP:]
เมื่อ: 2019-05-01 21:16:35
Really appreciated with the services from Ulthera I got from Dr.Apatorn and Acellence Clinic team. Thank you.
#44 โดย: Lisa S, Australia [IP:]
เมื่อ: 2019-05-05 23:38:53
Wonderful experience during first visit at Acellence Clinic for injectable fillers with Dr.Apatorn. So happy with lip augmentation results. Dr.Apatorn is very informed and an active listener. I’m sure I’ll continue visiting for future fillers
#45 โดย: Alina B, USA. [IP:]
เมื่อ: 2019-05-25 10:46:32
After searching many clinic in Bangkok to find provider that I can trust and to go with realistic expectations. I found Acellence Clinic is the best clinic to do Ulthera and other treatments for me. I had Ultherapy 2 weeks ago in an effort to correct some loose skin on my face and neck. Wow !!!! after I started noticing subtle results after just the first week but as time went on I realized that some actual changes were taking places and I can't wait to see the final result in next few months. Thank you Dr.Apatorn and his staff at Acellence clinic to make a big change for me.
#46 โดย: Captain W, USA [IP:]
เมื่อ: 2019-07-04 23:31:12
Excellent as alwasy. Dr.Apatorn Siriwattana make me feel so confortable and relax again.I love the improvements in my face by the Botox and Fillers at Acellence Clinic. Thanks.
#47 โดย: Danny L, UAE [IP:]
เมื่อ: 2019-07-06 11:35:55
To gain back my youthful look. I did botox and fillers at Acellence clinic and I definitely look better than before. Thank you Dr.Apatorn and Acellence clinic.
#48 โดย: Alan G, UK [IP:]
เมื่อ: 2019-07-08 19:38:08
Excellent service by Dr.Apatorn at Acellence Clinic. I have been doing laser for a few months there and he’s been super thorough and careful and made me feel very comfortable. I could see very good results after my first session. Highly recommend their services!
#49 โดย: Captain W, USA [IP:]
เมื่อ: 2019-07-09 03:12:09
Acellence clinic was amazing from the start, made me feel very welcome and explained everything to me I needed to know about the laser that need to do. Dr.Apatorn Siriwattana took extra care and paid attention to detail and made the procedure very painless. I would highly recommend this place for any procedure.
#50 โดย: Susan R., Qatar [IP:]
เมื่อ: 2019-07-12 16:20:06
After having my final treatment, I am very impressed with the overall results and the process to get to where I am now about my hair removal treatments on my body.
I’m pleased to say that about 98% of hair has stopped growing back, as for the other 2% this hair is very light and doesn’t get picked up by the laser.

Thank you Acellence Clinic for very good job.
#51 โดย: Hiroshi O., Japan [IP:]
เมื่อ: 2019-07-22 13:52:37
I totally recommend Dr.Apatorn Siriwattana. He practices at Acellence Clinic
and had an experience of 20 years in different techniques, Botox, Derma filler and Laser Specialist. I personally did Botox and Dermal filler and it was great because it looked really natural. Dr.Apatorn is really nice and makes you feel very comfortable and explains how he works on each face before doing anything.
#52 โดย: Wilson G, UK [IP:]
เมื่อ: 2019-07-27 11:04:59
I had a great facial at Acellence clinic and I will be going back to do it again. It's a great place and staff are also very nice.
#53 โดย: Ananta, Thailand [IP:]
เมื่อ: 2019-07-29 02:33:44
that was i got ! เลเซอร์แบบนี้ไงที่ดิฮั่น รักษากับผิวหน้าและเทกเจอร์ไม่สม่ำเสมอจากหลุมสิว ...ที่เป็นมาตั้งแต่วัยรุ่น ..ตอนนี้ผิวดีขึ้นพอสมควร และผ่านไปแค่ 3 ครั้งเอง {ถ้าอยู่เมืองไทย ดิอั่นคงหน้าเนียนไปแล้ว เพราะเดือนหนึ่งทำได้ 2 ครั้ง หรือเฉลี่ยทำทุกๆ 3สัปดาห์ แต่พอดีอยู่เยอรมัน เลยทำได้แค่ปีละ 2 ครั้งแทน } ใจจะทำไปเรื่อยๆจนกว่าหน้าจะเนียน …ต่อคอร์สไปเรื่อยๆ เพราะไม่ได้ซ่อมแค่หลุมสิว แต่ช่วยด้านการยกกระชับ ความสม้ำเสมอของสีผิว และความกระจ่างใสออร่า เรื่องกระฝ้าก้อช่วย เพราะไม่มีการทาครีมใดที่จะสามารถลงถึงใน้ผิวชั้นลึกสุดเท่าตัวเลเซอร์อีกแล้ว ต่อให้ครีมนั่นแพงเป็นหมื่นขนาดไหนก้อลงไปซ่อมได้แค่ผิวชั้นบนๆถึงกลางๆเท่านั่น ..แต่ถ้าทำเลซอร์แล้วลงครีมชั้นเลิศตบทับไปอีกขั้น นี่ก้อเทพไปเลย ... จริงๆ
#54 โดย: Venessa R, USA [IP:]
เมื่อ: 2019-08-03 12:30:01
I recently had an anti-aging injectable treatment at Acellence Clinic with Dr.Apatorn. The Clinic environment was excellent and I was immediately made to feel comfortable and at ease. Dr.Apatorn explained everything to me and asked me what I wanted to achieve. The results are amazing. I have had this treatment before elsewhere, but it has never felt so good. I've seen a huge reduction in wrinkles on my forehead and frown line. It actually looks very natural, and I have had many comments on how fresh and revived my skin looks. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr.Aatorn and Acellence Clinic
#55 โดย: Ooy T, Thailand [IP:]
เมื่อ: 2019-08-05 14:12:52
If you want the absolute skin works without any downtime, book in at Acellence clinic for the Secret Gold signature facial. Within the hour your skin will be treated to a thorough cleanse, gentle lactic acid peel (to brighten), some radio frequency (to tighten) and manual massage (to sculpt). It’s amazing as you can try yourself at Acellence Clinic.
#56 โดย: Jane S, UK [IP:]
เมื่อ: 2019-08-12 12:28:16
Last 2 weeks I had ultherapy laser performed on my face and neck by Dr.Apatorn Siriwattana at Acellence Clinic in Bangkok, Thailand. He came very well recommended by a Ulthera specialist . I can honestly say the results of the ultherapy has been phenomenal he has managed through his expertise to transform my face and neck into a more youthful appearance and which has taken years off me .I had read about the benefits of this procedure years ago but was a little skeptical about the results and needed to know that the person performing the ultherapy was competent but after my brother had had it performed by Dr.Apatorn Siriwattana 3 months ago and saw the results of Dr.Apatorn's work I did not hesitate to take the plunge and go for it. Dr.Apatorn has a true passion for enhancing ones looks and it really shows in his work . This non surgical lift if performed by a professional is definitely the way to go for a more youthful looking skin !
#57 โดย: Pattana , Thailand [IP:]
เมื่อ: 2019-09-03 17:52:24
I came to Acellence clinic by my friends who has visited here before. I felt so confident after talking to Dr.Apatorn who suggested me to do Botox and Fraxel laser. After treatments, my face is better better. Highly recommended.
#58 โดย: Natalie F, Qatar [IP:]
เมื่อ: 2019-09-08 19:40:21
I Visited to Acellece Clinic by my friend who visited here before. I talked to the Dr.Apatorn at Acellence clinic about my wrinkles and he thought Botox and filers will help my concerns and he let me know of what is going to happen, what is being used, how it works and the side effects. I am comfortable with his high skills and the result is amazing. Before i left, the staff reminded me of some important aftercare information.
Thank you so much Dr.Apatorn and Acellence Clinic
#59 โดย: Mariam A [IP:]
เมื่อ: 2019-09-08 23:11:03
Great results with no downtime for Ultherapy. Acellence Clinic is the best Ultherapy clinic in Bangkok, Thailand that i could see the obvious results in so many ways. It is important to ensure that you receive the authentic Ultherapy treatment from an experienced doctor like Dr.Apatorn Siriwattanan. Thank you Acellence Clinic.
#60 โดย: Yada [IP:]
เมื่อ: 2019-10-12 18:42:54
I did Botox and Filler at Acellnce Clinic. The result was amazing, different from where i did before. The doctor is very professional and gently answer all me questions. I strongly recommended Acellence Clinic.
#61 โดย: Brad L, USA. [IP:]
เมื่อ: 2019-10-12 23:43:47
I visited Dr.Atatorn for a consultation and returned for treatment. I can safely say that it was the best decision I made. He is very attentive and listens very carefully to the needs of the client as well as making you feel as relaxed as possible. I'll definitely be returning. I had a microdermabrasion facial here. It was so relaxing I fell asleep! Great result - my skin is visibly clearer and feels so soft. Will be going back. The receptionist is also very lovely. Generally a very calming atmosphere. Whatever your needs are, you wont be disappointed at Acellence Clinic.
#62 โดย: Abu Dhalouf [IP:]
เมื่อ: 2019-10-13 22:08:57
I have being treated my acne scars at Acellence clinic By Fraxel laser for the past 2 months now and I absolutely love it! Excellent result because I could see amazing improvement after 2 treatments.

Now my skin is smoother, fresher, younger-looking skin and I would recommend Acellence Clinic to anyone that has had a problem with their skin. Definitely value for money!
#63 โดย: Apple , Thailand [IP:]
เมื่อ: 2019-10-18 21:46:22
I went to Acellence for Secret Gold, After treatment, I felt so good.
#64 โดย: Adlo, USA [IP:]
เมื่อ: 2019-11-13 01:37:23
I visited to Acellence Clinic for consultation with Dr.Apatorn about what I wanted a more contoured and smaller face, but without the surgery because I’m still too scared to do anything invasive. He recommended Ultherapy for me, a non-invasive treatment known to give the ultimate lift which had reasonable price and quality Ultherapy. (I won't do Cheap Ultherapy for sure because i knew well that won't quality Ultherapy)

Many research told major improvements come out 3 months after the procedure but This was just 1 month after my Ultherapy! I saw a huge difference! and I noticed how much more defined my jaw was and that my chubby cheeks were no longer round and flat. Thank you Dr.Apatorn at Acellence Clinic who gave me life.
#65 โดย: Eyesinee, Thailand [IP:]
เมื่อ: 2020-02-17 20:37:28
When I came to Acellence Clinic today, I was so surprised to see Fahsai Paweensuda Miss Universe Thailand 2019 and Miriam 1st Runner up Miss Universe Thailand 2019 and First Wang Top 5 of Miss Universe Thailand 2019. There are so gorgeous!!! And I ask the staff there what treatments that they will gonna do today so I will do the same and what I did today is Fruit Pell, Secret Gold Nano Treatment , Gentle Yag Laser for Glowing skin and Hair Removal for my body.

Its the best moment to see Miss Universe Thailand and Dr.Apatorn. Thank you Acellence Clinic to bright me good opportunity.
#66 โดย: kho, Thailand [IP:]
เมื่อ: 2020-06-27 15:54:52
i really like Secret Gold Nano treatment.
#67 โดย: [IP:]
เมื่อ: 2020-07-26 15:12:20
Thank you very professional dermatologist Dr. Apatorn and Acellence Clinic team who treated me very well. My skin looks so much better and better. I will come back for more!!
#68 โดย: Howdy , Expat in Thailand [IP:]
เมื่อ: 2021-02-06 05:49:08
I visited at Acellence clinic to do the Botox, Filler and Ulthera. I am delighted with the end result and was amazed how quickly I recovered. Friends and relatives have commented how well I look without knowing that I have had treatment here. I absolutely recommend Dr.Apatorn at Acellence Clinic.
#69 โดย: Erin [IP:]
เมื่อ: 2021-06-15 02:57:30
The staff at Acellence Clinic is extremely professional and accommodating, and the office is well appointed and scrupulously clean. Dr. Apatorn takes a thoughtful and considered approach to skin care. He always makes himself available to discuss treatment options without any sales pressure. He has an innate grasp of how to make subtle adjustments to achieve a natural result, and my skin has never been healthier or looked glowier. I highly recommend Acellence Clinic to all my friends.
#70 โดย: Angela, Australia [IP:]
เมื่อ: 2021-09-11 17:29:27
Quality Ultherapy at Acellence Clinic made a huge difference in the way I feel about myself. This feels so good.


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