For Anyone who needs special care for their skin problems or is thinking of having
any cosmetic dermatological procedure ( Botox, Filler and Laser especially Uthera the most magic face lifting etc.), I can really recommend Dr.Apatorn Siriwattana and his newly opened "Acellence Clinic".
After many years of experience working in major hospitals in Bangkok.
Dr.Apatorn Siriwattana has gone out on his own. His gentle and caring attitude
has already earned him the support of many regular clients. We like the excellent 
results of the latest treatment and trust him to know exactly what is good of us.
Don't be afraid to go along and ask.
A resident of Thailand for almost three decades, British-born Susheilagh (Sheilagh) Angpairoj has made a name for herself on the local classical music scene as a performer, voice coach and singing teacher. A graduate of East Anglia University, she speaks fluent Thai as well as English, French, Italian and German.
Susheilagh (Sheilagh) Angpairoj
July 5, 2014 and so on
I have just completed a course of  "Fraxel" treatment at the "Acellence Clinic" and I am very happy with the results. The Clinic is beautifully appointed and the equipment state of the art. Dr.Apatorn Siriwattana is charm and expertise made every session a pleasant experience.
Madien initials safe to use. as not know in Thailand
Nov 1, 2018


Thank you for such great service, wonderful staff especially the Dr.Apatorn Siriwattana who is the best dermatologist that i have ever known. Can't wait to see the result of the Botox & Filler in the next couple of days.


Hideo Aoki
Business Man from Japan
Jan 23, 2016



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